Still I Write * Spring 2018

A One-Day, Online Writing Retreat for Scholars

Friday, March 2, 2018

11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time

A Full Day of Structured, Supported, & Satisfying Writing

Let this be the container you need to enjoy an unhurried, productive, satisfying day of writing. During this all-day, online writing retreat, you'll shut out the noise and sink into your writing--from the comfort of your hometown and in the company of a supportive community. This retreat is for you if:

  • you're a scholar who craves uninterrupted time to read, write, and think
  • you yearn to reconnect with neglected writing projects
  • you're just tired of writing in unsupported, uninspiring isolation

During this day of intensive, structured, and supported writing, you'll be able to:

  • Write all day without exhausting yourself
  • Make meaningful progress on your writing project
  • Enjoy the support of a community of like-minded scholars
  • Overcome writing challenges with concrete, practical, evidence-based strategies
  • Identify how to replicate your accomplishments in future writing sessions

How It Works

This retreat is intentionally designed to help you write in a way that leaves you steadied and satisfied instead of depleted and anxious. Once you register, you'll have immediate access to this site's Online Meeting Space, which contains all the information you need for the retreat, including your schedule for the day, retreat call-in information, and prep tips.

During the retreat itself, you'll write for a full six hours (yes!) by working in multiple writing blocks. You'll be supported throughout the day by live coaching calls with Michelle, as well as an amazing community of empathetic, encouraging scholars. Not only will you make meaningful progress on your writing; you'll actually be able to acknowledge and feel good about doing so.

How We'll Meet

Audio Conference: On the day of the retreat, we'll meet via audio conference call using FreeConferenceCall.com. Retreaters from outside the U.S. will be able to use a local, in-country dial-in number.

Private Online Forum: This site contains an online forum that will go live on the day of the retreat. If you need help in between calls, we'll stay connected via the online discussions.

Your Writing Space: Using these two platforms, you'll be able to participate fully in the retreat without ever getting out of your pajamas, if you so choose: listen in on live coaching calls, ask questions during the live calls, and message with me as well as one another for support.

Your Facilitator

Michelle Boyd, PhD
Michelle Boyd, PhD

Michelle Boyd is the founder of InkWell Academic Writing Retreats, where she helps overcommitted scholars create the space, time, and tools they need to write. An award-winning writer and a former tenured faculty member, Michelle knows firsthand what it's like to have no time to write, to procrastinate when there is time, and to struggle when the writing is going nowhere. As a writing coach and retreat facilitator, she teaches academics to move past writing challenges by uncovering their writing process, facing their fears, and losing themselves in their writing. Learn more about Michelle here.

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